4 mars - 5 avril
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The largest student trading contest in Switzerland !

The Trading Game gathered 2000 players coming from 15 swiss universities in 2018, we hope that many other students will join us for this new 2019 edition.

The Trading Game is a 5 weeks virtual trading competition to beat all records, exclusive conferences, a workshop and a big closing event on the UNIL campus for the awards ceremony.

Have you ever thought of trading ? No worries, The Trading Game is for everyone, and you’ll learn very fast !

CHF 30,000 of prizes

Coming soon

A field training !

This game is an opportunity for students to get a step into the trading world, to learn how to use all financial tools available in order to get the best performances !


The Trading Game gathers big events, an opening workshop, a big closing ceremony, and many other events to come !

                                       Key informations :

  • The game lasts 5 weeks, from march 4th to april 5th 2019.
  • Each participant receives a fictionnal amount of 100’000 CHF, and is free to manage it in accordance with the rules of the Swissquote platform.
  • We will reward the 5 best traders (best performance for the 5 weeks) with prizes.
  • Prizes worth more than 30’000 CHF.
  • Everyone can play, but only students can win awards and be part of the ranking.

Invest ? Speculate ? Which investor are you ?

This strategy consists in buying and holding a stock for a long time. The buyer has a certain truth in the stock and to its capacity to attract the market. By doing this, you will earn profit when the stock goes up.

Valuable stocks are well known, so it can be really smart to invest in these. Even with a small growth, profits can be huge.

Dividends are a cash-in when owning specific stocks. In fact, certain companies tend to give more dividends than others, and some don’t give any. It’s up to you to do your research and buy companies that give some (or not). Note that dividends are given at a specific period, so be aware of the schedule of company schedule.

This means leaving your money in the hands of financial experts, so why not ?

This strategy requires more work, but is one of the most lucrative. You analyze charts while being aware of the latest news and make a decision by buying, holding, or selling. But keep in mind that the goal is also to take the less risk possible while maximizing profits.

Better than investing at hazard, be a “sheep” and follow the trends. A stock is going up ? Buy it. But don’t forget to sell before it goes down. This method is simple but also profitable. You’ll certainly have less volume but will win more often.



Opening Workshop on 5th march 6:00 pm

Come and join us to learn more about the Swissquote trading platform.

Where : BC building, EPFL


It is not necessary to stick to single strategy, most of good traders use few different methods or invent a hybrid one.

Now, it is your turn to choose one, two, or more and profit from it.

In The Trading Game, we tend to show you and give you a preview of the different trading or investing strategies and its tools. Please note that in reality, there are techniques more ethic than others. Keep that in mind.

All The Trading Game team wish you the best for this new 2018 edition !